Since we posted our single and video onto the social media platform, we've had an overwhelming response from so many people. We thought that being the huge community project it's always been and growing from all directions, we would like to share with you some of the amazing comments, quotes and posts that people have posted, tweeted and shared with the world.

If you feel that the project has touched you in some way, please contact us either through our social media on Twitter, Facebook or YouTube. If you don't have a social media account, then please use the form provided and we'll read, reply and possible post up here. Thank you all for for your continued support and keep spreading our message and help us to raise £1 million for these fantastic charities. With love,
The Wootton Bassett Rocks team x

I bought the single from Amazon and played it on my radio show on Total biker FM and will be doing so again this Sunday sometime between 10pm and Midnight, I will also plug it and get my listeners to go out and buy it ;)

This is such a brilliant tribute to all those brave and never forgotten heroes. Wootton Bassett will always be special and not just to the people that live there.this single just enhances how the whole town always come together and always have for our fallen heroes. Well done and good luck. Christine.x 


I love this! It has the feel of the Musical, and for such a wonderful thing! I can't say enough how much I enjoy this. :)


Superb, very moving, excellently produced and directed. I would love to see a 'Making of ...' documentary.


Awesome video! I love that the whole town's in it; each doing their own thing!! My father served in three wars (yea, I'm an Air Force Brat & proud of it!) My brother served in two wars so I think all vets deserve all and every support possible. Your town has done a wonderful thing! THANK YOU! ****From New Orleans, Louisiana USA.


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@greendaytone I went to the page and saw what you said about it. No clue what it was about, so I watched the video and am blown away. @pixgreenday

@greendaytone I kept getting goosebumps over who and what came on-screen from the sides. Then the memorial stone... wow. @pixgreenday

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Good luck to @wbcharitysinglewith your brilliant music video, hope you make loads of money for the military charities
6_Rifles 6 RIFLES
@cherry_pudding Thank you for what you're doing. Mark was well known to many of us in 6 Rifles
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 greendaytone  I've uploaded the @wbcharitysingle to the @GDA video section. Check it out if you haven't already, it really is great!

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Thanks to Paul Crouch for posting this. Great choice for Xmas Number One!

"I really enjoyed the day (playing drums in the street along with the other five was a rare treat) and the atmosphere there was very friendly, it was great to see so many people turning up to support the cause and sticking with it despite the rain. You must be pleased with the final result. All the best - Rick"

Rick Buckler - The Jam (drummer)

"Wishing you the best of luck"
Jools Holland

"Green Day Authority is delighted to be working alongside Wootton Bassett Rocks to help them achieve their goal of raising £1 million to go towards military charities for returning soldiers. Green Day fans all around the world can relate to the feelings of loss and despair that result from wars, and we want to help wherever we can to show our support for the people that make it home after putting their lives on the line fighting for their country's freedom."

Tony Anastasi - GDA (co-owner)

"When I first saw the video to WB Rocks cover of Wake Me Up When September Ends, it blew me away! It was inspiring to see a community come together like that for a cause such as this. It's the kind of spirit and involvement that we try to encourage on our site with The Green Day Community. The video itself really reminded me of the 'American Idiot The Musical' version of the song, and it's extremely uplifting for a song with sad meaning behind it."

Tony Anastasi - GDA (co-owner)

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