Filming Day - Thank you to everyone who was there!!

Sunday 18th September - Wootton Bassett High Street

We want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who took part in our video filming in the High Street on Sunday 18th.  It was a fun, well planned, colourful, fantastic and emotional day.  Even a deluge mid afternoon couldn't dampen our spirits and determination to make a brilliant video.  

We will update this to make sure we mention all the Groups who attended, from far and wide, we may not be able to thank every individual, but you all have our heartfelt gratitude.  Some whom supported us on the day had come very long distances, especially the bikers who had travelled from all over the UK - thank you. 

EVERYONE in the street without exception gave us their full commitment and stayed with us even during the boring bits between takes!  The elation that we all experienced at the end was incredible, with the biggest cheer we have ever heard when Mark shouted, "It's a wrap!"

You have helped us to create something very special and you should all be extremely proud of what you have done.  Now lets sell some singles!!!

Keep checking this website for updates on the release date for the single.

Thank you from

The Wootton Bassett Rocks! Team

Zone Leaders - Bright and Early Sunday Morning

The Crew. 

Make-Up Artist arrives and gets to work. 

The Marshals check and prepare the High Street 

The Crew set up. 

The Cast Arrive. 

Rehearsals and initial recordings. 

Why make a Single and Video?

Relaxing between takes. 

Then the rain came . . .

. . . but spirits remained high! 

Behind the scenes with the Crew.

Have we done it? 

It's a wrap! 

Wootton Bassett Community and Friends - THANK YOU! 

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