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Please contact us by email if you require any further information about the project.

If you want to make contact with any of the individual project team members, state their name at the top of your email and this will be forwarded to them.


For further information or interviews please contact

Sara Tye, redheadPR 

Tel 07786 176617

Contact Us



Tracey Rogers

Executive Producer & Project Director

Tracey Rogers

Mark Kenna

Marketing / PR Press

Sara Tye

Marketing / PR Press

Jenn White

Lisa Bates

Hazel Newson

Ceri Pridding

Organisers / Production Assistants

Mark Kenna

Ross MacKenzie

Video Director / Producer. Post production by Dreambase Studios

Director of Photography / Co-producer (Firebird Films)

Richard Sutcliffe

Music Producer

Andy Pett

Band Director

Liz Adams

Haydn Williams

Karen Murrell

Singers / Auditions

Tiggy York

Soloist and Small Group Vocal Coach

Liz Adams


Nigel Skull

Lyneham coordination

Lis McDermott



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