Our Town - Royal Wootton Bassett 

Wootton Bassett Rocks! was born as a result of one of the many repatriations that passed along our high street. With much local, national and international media coverage our small market town became the focal point of many emotional and heart-breaking scenes.

Although we have been honoured with the prefix 'Royal', for the respect that the townsfolk and others showed to our fallen soldiers, Royal Wootton Bassett is still just 'Bassett' to the locals, a vibrant, lively, thriving and friendly community.

We would like to give you an insight into what it is like living, working and being part of Bassett. Here are some thoughts from our local retailers.

AD RADWAY Cobler and Key Cutter:

The business was started on 1st of December 1966, I joined the business in 1985 where we have expanded now offering trophies and an engraving service.

Bassett Electrical Services:

Daisy Chain Florists – Amanda Child:

Haine & Smiths Opticians:

“We love the community spirit of Royal Wootton Bassett. We are very proud to have taken part in the repatriations”.  Lisa, Paula, Kim, Jackie, Wendy & Nick

In The Pink @SAMSHE:

(hand painted reclaimed furniture, gifts and home-ware both vintage and retro). Having had shops in other locations I now realise and understand the reason why so many people visiting the area do so. Customers, of which many are residents of the town, have done nothing but wish me luck for my venture, have shown support by purchasing from me and have enjoyed talking about what Royal Wootton Bassett means to them. I feel very lucky to be part of what Royal Wootton Bassett means and stands for. Samantha Jackson and daughter Ella (Age 2)

Mark The Taylor:

"I am very happy to be trading in Wootton Bassett where there is a great community feel to the town"

Motor Save:

“We have been established in Wootton Bassett since 1982 we love trading here in this very friendly community”

Pink and Dizzy Beads:

Helen Jones
Seasons Tea rooms:

“Everyone says “Good Morning” whether you know them or not- a lovely place to live”. Sharon and John

Tees Total:

Established in the Wootton Bassett and Swindon area for over 30 years. TeesTotal are specialist mail order suppliers of Printed and Embroidered Leisurewear to the Armed Forces and exclusively stock the  Royal Wootton Bassett official – Ian Quinn

Wootton Bassett Museum:

Wednesday Market - Cheese Stall:

Wednesday Market - Pet Stall:

Hawkins Estate Agents:

Brian Taylor Music Shop:


“What I love about Wootton Bassett is the people and the community spirit” . Hazel soon to celebrate 25 years of trading.

Headway Unisex Barbers Ltd:

“I grew up in Tockenham and went to school in Bassett where my children now attend. I trained locally and I am very proud to have my own Barber shop on the high street. We offer affordable quality haircuts – no appointment ever needed “ Jen Labbett

J Rouse & Sons:

Hardware store opened in 1884 and still run as a family business at the very heart of the town.

Maggies Fishing & Bait:

Mark's Models:

“The town that holds a lot of respect and admiration for the British Armed Forces” Mark Loveridge


Pets Pantry:

I have lived in Wootton Bassett for 14 years and run the Pet’s pantry for 5 years- Jane Fisher

Strakers Estate Agents:

Claire Diamond and Ben Fitzgibbon

The Crown:

The Post Office:

“If it is community spirit you want than Royal Wootton Bassett is the place for you. Living in Royal Wootton Bassett is a very peaceful experience for me. The people are friendly and there is a very obvious sense of community spirit about.” Rita
The Town Criers:

Wednesday Market - Fish Stall:

Bassett Curtain & Fabric Centre:

Cloth of Gold - Nicola:

Deacons Jewellers:

A town that has a community and a community that has a town, that is Royal Wootton Bassett.

Helen's Unisex Ltd:

Established in Wootton Bassett for over 40 years.

M & Co Fashion store:

“Wootton Bassett has everything that you could ever want!” 

Marie Curie:

“I live and work in Royal Wootton Bassett, I enjoy living here as there is a great community spirit”. Gerri Cannell

Trow & Sons Wool Shop:

Miss Trow has lived here all her life and “never desired to live anywhere else”!

Paul Vitti Estate Agents:

Primrose Hill - Gifts and local crafts:

"A friendly town where everyone is welcome including at a yummy shop called Primrose Hill”.

Sugar Rush Sweet Shop:

“Since opening my sweet shopIn Royal Wootton Bassett I have been accepted into a warm and caring community. I am happy to be part of the now Royal Town. I am so pleased also that I decided to start my new business venture here as the people of the town have been so supportive and I look forward to spending many more happy years here”.

Diddie Morton-Holmes (to the right) pictured with sister Stefka Hargreaves.

Guilder Rose Florist: **FEATURE**

“I have lived in Wootton Bassett since 1988, my 2 children have grown up here, I love the close knit community and I am proud to have a successful business here” Julliette

Th Royal Inn:
Town Hall Tea Rooms:

Wednesday Market - Card Stall:

Wednesday Market - Hardware stall:

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